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Embrace Tradition, Honour, and Service with Our Royal Signals Oath of Allegiance Crafted by Veterans

Elevate your reverence for history and commitment with our exclusive Royal Signals Oath of Allegiance, adorned with the revered King or Queen's Shilling and presented in the distinguished stable belt colours. Each oath is meticulously handcrafted by veterans who have served with distinction, offering you a tangible connection to the legacy and valour of the Royal Signals.

Why Choose Our Royal Signals Oath of Allegiance?

  • Crafted with Pride: Each oath is painstakingly handcrafted by veterans, infusing every detail with the pride, precision, and personal touch that only those who have served can impart.

  • Historical Significance: The inclusion of the King or Queen's Shilling symbolises the enduring commitment to crown and country, underscoring the rich history and unwavering loyalty of the Royal Signals.

  • Symbolic Representation: Adorned with the iconic stable belt colours, this oath serves as a powerful symbol of identity, unity, and purpose within the Royal Signals community.

  • Supporting Veterans: Your purchase directly supports veterans, empowering them in their transition to civilian life while honouring their invaluable contributions to national security and defense.

  • Perfect for Collectors and Enthusiasts: Whether you're a passionate military memorabilia collector, a proud veteran, or a dedicated supporter of our armed forces, this oath is a timeless tribute worthy of display and admiration.

  • Preserving Heritage: Crafted to endure the passage of time, our Royal Signals Oath of Allegiance is not just a keepsake—it's a cherished heirloom destined to be passed down through generations, preserving the legacy of service and sacrifice.

Own a Symbol of Excellence and Commitment

Embrace the opportunity to possess a tangible embodiment of duty, loyalty, and honour. Our Royal Signals Oath of Allegiance transcends mere symbolism—it's a testament to the enduring spirit of those who serve and a heartfelt salute to the values that define the Royal Signals


If you'd prefer to order by phone or want to know about despatch times or have other queries, please call us on 07454 945571.

Royal Signals RS Sigs Royal Sigs

PriceFrom £19.00
  • Why should i buy this Oath ?  We are a British Military Veterans Group and hold a MOD Licence as such we pay 8.5% of our sales back to the MOD to share with Military good causes. 


    You are not dealing with a Civy Company you are dealing with us, your mates, friends, your brother/sisterhood family.  You are part of us, so what ever happens we will always get it right because its your Oath and we know what that means. 

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