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Welcome to Oath of Allegiance British Military Veterans Shop. We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Defence so you can be assured you are dealing with veterans and that a percentage of our sales go to Military Veterans Charities. On behalf of them and us, a big thank you for your support.

This oath underscores the commitment of RAF personnel to serve their country and uphold the values and principles of the United Kingdom, as well as their loyalty to the reigning monarch and the constitutional order. It's a significant moment in the life of anyone joining the RAF, symbolizing their dedication to duty, honor, and service to their nation.


This Oath is in the style of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III. It is for those who enlisted before the passing of our late Queen and who still serve under our new King. The Oath includes two metal cap badges (Queen's Crown and King's Crown). 


Each Oath is handmade using the name and enlistment details you provide. With crisp, clear print on specialist high-quality textured paper, we insert your choice of name and enlistment details to make the Oath truly personal to you or the recipient of the gift. This is finished off with the proper cap badge, a gleaming, hand-polished coin and the stable belt colours. Each Oath is completed with an elegant facsimile in the style of the Monarch on enlistment's signature. The overall size of the frame is 50cm  x 30cm


 If you'd prefer to order by phone or want to know about despatch times or have other queries, please call us on 07454 945571. 



RAF Oath Queen and Kings Cap Badge

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