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Op Herrick - ISAF Medal.

Like Op Ganby service personnel who took part in Op Herrick received an Operational Service Medal from Her Majesty The Queen.  In addition to the OSM other medals from non UK sources were issued.   Military etiquette does not allow for more than one medal form one campaign to be worn unless it is a gallantry medal. You might not be able to wear it but we can help you display it. 


Oaths of Allegiance are delighted to offer this service.  Each Frame is handmade using the name and tour details you provide. The overall size of the frame is 25cm x 360cm, and contains a Miniature ISAF Medal.  Alternately you can supply your full size medal and we will mount that for you is a larger 30cm x 40cm frame at no extra cost.  For more details or clarification please ring us on 01207 423322.


Operation Herrick (Afghanistan)

  • Every Oath is personalised with your details. Please add the following information into the fields next to the product:


    • Full name to be displayed on the oath 
    • 1st regiment or Corps 
    • The date of enlistment
    • The place of enlistment


    If applicable 

    • 2nd regiment or corps
    • The date of enlistment
    • The place of enlistment
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