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Welcome to Oath of Allegiance British Military Veterans Shop. We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Defence so you can be assured you are dealing with veterans and that a percentage of our sales go to Military Veterans Charities. On behalf of them and us, a big thank you for your support.


Each Oath is handmade using the name and details you provide. With crisp, clear print on high-quality textured paper, we insert your choice of name, date, the place of residence at the time the oath was taken and place of enlistment to make the Oath of Office truly personal to you or the recipient of the gift. This is finished off with a cap badge and the ribbon flash with blue on black to symbolise the thin blue line. Each Oath is completed with an elegant facsimile in the style of the Monarch on enlistment's signature, the first side being Queen Elizabeth II and the second being King Charles III. The overall size of the frame is 50cm x 30cm and comes with a clear perspex cover which allows us to post it out to you safely. For this lovely "Queen & King" oath, you may also choose to use the date Charles became King so 8th September 2022 and use Balmoral as the place of enlistment. This is the only Police Oath we offer metal badges on but please note there may be a delay in us obtaining the right one, especially if it is unusual or, occasionally we may have to only supply as a printed badge if we can't get the right one. 


In summary, this frame comes with:

  • Two oaths side by side with your name and enlistment details OR we can use 8th September 2022 and Balmoral for the King's side details
  • One metal cap badge for the Police force you tell us you want to use
  • Space as a blank for you to fit the 2nd badge once it is available
  • Space as a blank for you to fit the medal ribbons you want to use


To purchase your Oath of Allegiance, please call us or order online from our shop. We will need you to provide us the full name and details you wish to use.  If you can't remember, or if this is a gift for someone and you don't know these details, please call us. 

Oath of Office Police Constable Queen & King Police

PriceFrom £49.00
  • Every Oath is personalised with your details. Please add the following information into the fields next to the product:

    • Full name to be displayed on the oath 
    • 1st regiment or Corps 
    • The date of enlistment
    • The place of enlistment
    • First town or county of residence when oath was taken


    If applicable 

    • 2nd regiment or corps
    • The date of enlistment
    • The place of enlistment
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