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Falkland up date 15th May 1982.

On May 15, 1982, during the Falklands Conflict, a significant event took place known as the Battle of Top Malo House. This battle involved a clash between British Special Air Service (SAS) forces and Argentine commandos. Here's a detailed account of what transpired:

### The Battle of Top Malo House

#### Background

As part of Operation Corporate, the British campaign to reclaim the Falkland Islands from Argentine forces, the British sought to disrupt Argentine defensive positions and reconnaissance capabilities. Intelligence indicated that an Argentine Special Forces unit was operating out of Top Malo House, a remote settlement on East Falkland.

#### The Raid

In the early hours of May 15, an SAS squad, comprising around 20 men, launched a helicopter-borne assault on Top Malo House. The SAS team was inserted by helicopters a few kilometers from the target to maintain the element of surprise and minimize detection.

#### The Engagement

The SAS approached Top Malo House on foot and at dawn, they launched their attack. The Argentine commandos, numbering 12, were caught off guard but quickly retaliated. A fierce firefight ensued, with both sides engaging at close quarters.

Despite being outnumbered and taken by surprise, the Argentine commandos put up a strong resistance. However, the SAS, utilizing superior tactics and firepower, managed to overpower the Argentine defenders. During the battle, the house caught fire, likely due to the exchange of gunfire and explosions, forcing the Argentines to either surrender or flee.

#### Casualties and Outcome

The Battle of Top Malo House resulted in several casualties. The Argentine commandos suffered a number of wounded, and one was killed. The British side also had several men injured but none killed.

This victory was a significant morale booster for the British forces. It demonstrated their ability to conduct successful small-unit operations against well-trained Argentine forces and helped in degrading the Argentine's reconnaissance capabilities in the area. The engagement also showcased the effectiveness of the SAS and their capability in special operations warfare.

### Significance

The Battle of Top Malo House is remembered as a classic example of special forces combat during the Falklands Conflict. It highlighted the crucial role of elite units like the SAS in modern warfare, especially in executing precision raids and gathering intelligence.

May 15, 1982, thus stands out as a day of tactical success for the British forces in their broader campaign to recapture the Falklands from Argentine occupation.

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