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Welcome to Oath of Allegiance British Military Veterans Shop. We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Defence so you can be assured you are dealing with veterans and that a percentage of our sales go to Military Veterans Charities. On behalf of them and us, a big thank you for your support.


Our Scottish Regiments boast a proud heritage dating back generations. From the fierce Highland warriors to the gallant soldiers of modern times, our regiments have stood at the forefront of history, defending liberty and honour with unwavering courage. Embrace the call of the pipes, the beat of the drums, and the legacy of Scotland's finest and celebrate your own contribution with this Oath of Allegiance. 


Each Oath is handmade using the name and enlistment details you provide. With crisp, clear print on specialist high-quality textured paper, we insert your choice of name and enlistment details to make the Oath truly personal to you or the recipient of the gift. This is finished off with the proper cap badge, a gleaming, hand-polished coin and the stable belt colours. Each Oath is completed with an elegant facsimile in the style of the Monarch on enlistment's signature. The overall size of the frame is 36cm  x 25cm.


The Oath of Allegiance and the Sovereign's Shilling.

The Sovereign's shilling, sometimes called the King or Queen's shilling, is an historical slang term referring to the payment of one shilling given to recruits to the armed forces of the UK in the 18th and 19th centuries, although the practice dates back to the end of the English Civil War. To "take the shilling" was to agree to serve as a sailor or soldier in the Royal Navy or the British Army, and the term is still used informally.  Bearing a genuine coin to represent the "Queen's / King's shilling" and a stylish reproduction of the words spoken on enlistment, each Oath is hand made by ex- service personnel so we can guarantee it is made with real pride and passion and a genuine understanding of what it means to say those words and to serve your country.


If you'd prefer to order by phone or want to know about despatch times or have other queries, please call us on 07454 945571.

Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

PriceFrom £19.00
  • Every Oath is personalised with your details. Please add the following information into the fields next to the product:

    • Full name to be displayed on the oath 
    • The date of enlistment
    • The place of enlistment
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